The EFOD Fund

The EFOD Fund provides vital support to frontline community-based organizations addressing systemic barriers to people-centered development in communities of color across the United States.


We seek to illuminate, leverage, and invest in community practitioners building EFOD projects.


Purpose and structure of the EFOD Fund

The EFOD Fund is modeling an alternative form of finance for community-led, justice-first, food-based community economic development and prioritizes the expertise of BIPOC practitioner-leaders as designers and decision-makers.

Mandela Oak Harvest Kitchen

We do this by deploying integrated capital with terms set in partnership with the practitioners, and pair EFOD investments with culturally-relevant, practitioner-led technical assistance to support the long-term success and impact of EFOD projects.

Loan committee and fund board will be comprised of EFOD leaders and funding/financing allies. Join the nationwide EFOD Collaborative as we co-create this landmark fund. If interested, whether as a fund recipient or potential fund investor, get in touch.

Eligible candidates include community-led, food-based community and economic development organizations or enterprises whose work aligns with the EFOD criteria and falls along a spectrum of maturity levels.


What the EFOD Fund models

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Equity In Ownership and Design

Authentic practitioner leadership and authority, in decision-making, co-creating design, and governance.

Ally funders and partners support, but those who have built and led organizations doing deep community food and justice work and are accountable to their communities lead and own EFOD as a field and fund.

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Equitable Financing

Existing capital models are extractive and perpetuate wealth inequity. Our financing process will move away from a ‘vetting’ model, to one that uplifts impact and prioritizes getting EFOD projects ready and resourced. A cohesive body of experienced EFOD leaders will package lending and grantmaking in a valuable and effective way. The Fund will urgently fund EFOD initiatives, with attention to community needs.

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Learning Through Action

The Fund will demonstrate and test key equity principles and food systems change practices through finance and grants. We aim to influence further changes in philanthropic and lending institutions. EFOD leaders bring rigor in iterative testing, entrepreneurial passion, and experiential knowledge to fund management and support.

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Uplifting Unique Networks

The Fund will identify and support emergent and established community-led food-based community and economic development organizations. Aligned organizations can then be considered for further funding from foundation and CDFI partners using EFOD criteria.

We do not currently have any open funding opportunities, but you are welcome to get in touch with us to find out more.

You are welcome to contact us if you’re interested in becoming a fund recipient or potential fund investor.